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2012.12~至今   澳门银银河官方网193(中国)有限公司 生物物理研究所  讲师
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Wang, M. Y.Zhou, H. H.Zhang, S. C.Hui, F.Zhu, W.Su, H. X.Guo, H. Y.Li, X. W.Ji, S. R.Wu, Y. Recurrent mutations at C-reactive protein gene promoter SNP position -286 in human cancers(2014)Cell Res, IF=11.98 (并列一作) 

Su, H. X.Zhou, H. H.Wang, M. Y.Cheng, J.Zhang, S. C.Hui, F.Chen, X. Z.Liu, S. H.Liu, Q. J.Zhu, Z. J.Hu, Q. R.Wu, Y.Ji, S. R. Mutations of C-Reactive Protein (CRP) -286 SNP, APC and p53 in Colorectal Cancer: Implication for a CRP-Wnt Crosstalk(2014),Plos One. IF=3.53(并列一作) 

Wang, L.Zhou, H.Han, J.Milne, R. I.Wang, M.Liu, B. Genome-Scale Transcriptome Analysis of the Alpine "Glasshouse" Plant Rheum nobile (Polygonaceae) with Special Translucent Bracts(2014).Plos One .IF=3.53(并列通讯)

 Wang M.Y., Ji S.R., Bai C.J., El Kebir D., Li H.Y., Shi J.M., Zhu W., Costantino S., Zhou H.H., Potempa L.A., Zhao J., Filep J.G., Wu Y. (2011) A redox switch in C-reactive protein modulates activation of endothelial cells. Faseb J . IF=5.7(并列一作)

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