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1. 2018/06-今,兰州大学,澳门银银河官方网193,副教授

2. 2011/08-2017/8,中国科学院植物研究所,博士后

Academic Appointments
Honors & Awards
  1. 国家自然基金青年基金项目,OsICL2提高水稻非生物胁迫耐受性的调控机理,项目编号:31400238,2015/01-2017/12,24万


1.Zeyong Zhang, Huanhuan Liu, Ce Sun, Qibin Ma, Huaiyu Bu, Kang Chong, Yunyuan Xu*, A C2H2 zinc-finger protein OsZFP213 interacts with OsMAPK3 to enhance salt tolerance in rice. Jounal of Plant Physiology, 2018, 229: 100-110.

2.Zhang ZY, Li JH, Li F, Liu HH, Yang WS, Chong K*, Xu YY*, OsMAPK3 phosphorylates OsbHLH002 and impairs its ubiquitination to activate OsTPP1 for enhancing rice chilling tolerance. Developmental Cell, 2017, 43: 731-743.

3.Na XF1, Li XR1, Zhang Z Y1, Li M, Kardol P, Xu TT, Wang M, Cao XN, Ma F*, Bacterial community dynamics in the rhizosphere of a long-lived, leguminous shrub across a 40-year age sequence. Journal of Soils & Sediments, 2018, 18: 76-84. (Co-first author)

4.Zhang ZY1, Li JH1, Liu HH, Chong K, Xu YY*, Roles of ubiquitination-mediated protein degradation in plant responses to abiotic stresses. Environmental and Experimental Botany, 2014, 114: 92-103. (Co-first author)

5.Zhang ZY, Wang HH, Wang XM, Bi YR*, Nitric oxide enhances aluminum tolerance by affecting cell wall polysaccharides in rice roots. Plant Cell Reports, 2011, 30: 1701-1711.

6.Liu HH, Guo SY, Xu YY, Li CH, Zhang ZY, Zhang DJ, Xu SJ, Zhang C, Chong K*, OsmiR396d-regulated OsGRFs function in floral organogenesis in rice through binding to their targets OsJMJ706 and OsCR4. Plant Physiology, 2014, 165: 160-174. 

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